Physics Replication: Already the simplest things fail....?

Hey guys,

I know, these topics are probably getting out of control. I try to get physics replication correctly but am already failing with extremely simple setups and have no idea why…
Have a look:

Iam working in the FirstPersonTemplate and basically reproduced the official [Tutorial stream (successfully).
OK. Now I just want to have a BluePrint-Class, containing a static mesh, which is replicated as it was just a static mesh that I placed in the level.
In my screenshot the white sphere is just a sphere mesh with replication activated. It corresponds correctly when being shot or pushed around by server or client.
The brick sphere is literally just an actor BP class, containing the same sphere mesh. However, I cannot get it to replicate properly from client to server…??
I cannot figure out what replication settings I need in the BP_Class-defaults and the sphere component itself. Iam sure to have tried every combination of all of the replication settings but it just won’t work…???

Clearly Iam missing something very fundamental - can somebody help??

EDIT: Or is it really required to take such a route as described [URL=Replicating meshes affected by physics - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums]here](Replication | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube)?

Best wishes,