Physics Material : Water

Hi, everybody. There are 2 physical materials. As soon as the car comes to a surface with other physical material, the speed of the car should slow down. Can this be done?

Yes, using a physics volume more than a material.

With a material you have to code the interaction manually. And change the car’s tire friction along with other variables.

Which a physics volume, the change should just already happen when you enter it.

Keep in mind that .26 with chaos may change this and the material too. I have yet to try the preview. But since the physics system is changed and being re-worked some things are bound to be slightly different.

Thanks for the answer.
I posted a physics volume in the level.
If I play for character, the slowdown works if I change the value of fluid friction and set Water Volume to true, which is what I need. But I didn’t notice a difference if I play for vehicle pawn. Is it possible to achieve the same effect on it?

What is responsible for the change is the character’s movement component.
I’m not sure that the car movement component takes the same bits/parts into consideration by default.

you may need to override the settings by manually detecting the overlap and cycling them to the volume values.