Physics Door using Impulse Replication Help!

I need help replicating the functionality of dynamically opening doors using axis input to drive a physics impulse from client players. Works great for single player and “Host” player. Works by sending the axis input value from character to “door” BP and drives impulse based on that variable. I suspect the cause of the lack of replication is either that you cant send variable info from client to server or some sort of authority related issue. Any help with a work around would be a life saver. Thank you.

So, you’re replicating a variable that stores the InputAxis at that specific moment in time?
Either way this might be of interest. But overall I’m not sure exactly what will happen here…
UE4 Physics isn’t deterministic so the view of the door may look different on other clients???

Yes. InputAxis is stored and sent to the Door BP and used to drive an impulse opening the door. Works fantastic in a single player and Server to Client situation. I’ve been trying to find a work around for the client side for a month now.