Physics Constraint Actors duplicated with alt+drag don't point to duplicated actors

If I select a physics constraint and the two actors that the constraint is between, and duplicate them all with alt+drag, then I’d expect the new physics constraint to be linked to the new actors - but it remains linked to the old ones.

This is particularly infuriating when the actors are grouped, as it means having to unpack the group to fix the physical constraints.


I’ve confirmed the issue and have entered it into our database for our developers to review.

Thank you for posting it and please continue to post any issues you come across!



We don’t currently support this. One possible solution is to use a Blueprint which has a physics constraint component and the attachments built in to it. This way you can duplicate the blueprint and the constraint will be correct. This will not fix the case when you are constraining multiple actors, but using a Blueprint is the preferred setup for this case.