Physics Collision Sound

**Physics Collision Sound!
Smart Sound System

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short example video:
(3d Assets from this video are not included)

Physics Collision Sound is a easy to use large scale sollution for adding sounds to physics objects. The blueprint system differentiates between impacts, rolling, sliding and even water impact sounds. The sounds can be changed and warped into other sounds depending on the surfaces´materials.

It includes:

  • Sound Library with 205 Sounds
  • Hit/Impact sounds
  • Sliding Sounds
  • Rolling Sounds
  • water impact and exit sounds
  • dampened sound below water level
  • Bush Rustling when moving through Foliage
  • Simple drag and drop system
  • procedurally changed volume and pitch of the objects, depending on velocity and size
  • easy to use slider system to costumize your sounds’ volume and pitch
  • mixes sounds into other sounds depending on surfaces and materials
  • works on terrain materials and multiple material ID objects
  • different sounds when sliding or rolling
  • When objects stand on a moving object or platform that travel the same velocity, the objects won´t make noises
  • support for Ragdolls
  • timing based roll or slide, if the object rolls over a round object it wont immediately make an impact sound, it will play the rolling sound. This is especially good for terrain, you dont want your object to play a hit sound every time it goes over a slight bump
  • optimized: No use of tick events
  • collision perception is adapted automatically depending on objects scale

Whats inside video of included example Level:
(note that there are more sounds included than there are examples in the level)

Tutorial Video:


Check out my youtube channel for more videos.
If you have a project that is using this asset and want some exposition, you can contact me, I would love to feature your projects.
If you have any questions or wishes, what you would like to see in this asset don´t hesitate to ask. I´m constantly trying to improve and add to it. I hope you like the asset :slight_smile:

New Example video with better, less laggy VR quality:

New Update on Liquid sounds, Tree rustling when moving inside and VR overlap sounds.

Sound Occlusion update
there is now sound occlusion, walls, floors, objects will now dampen the sound depending of the thickness of the wall that is between object and player

After a suggestion by a costumer, here comes the update for HL:Alyx style shake / inside Object sounds. e.g. shaking a water bottle

Pretty happy how much attention the reddit thread got, :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

I’m proud to announce that Physics Collision Sound is now in the Showcase with a special showcase Sale!:eek:

After some feedback I set up a Support Discord Link You can directly contact me there and even promote your work in the “show off” channel :slight_smile:
I also changed the marketplace page a bit for a better overview. All the same infos are still on the page :slight_smile:

Update Patch notes:

[Feature added] Volumes override
[Feature added] Automatic generate Hit event activation even for bones, Skeletal Mesh still has to be activated manually

[Fixed] Array Error for shake sounds
[Fixed] Shake sound Error on failed sound creation

[Changed] delay on game start default set to 0,5
[Changed] Example Level added Volumes override example “poopcube” added shake sound example to barrel

Update Patch notes:

[Feature added] custom sounds per bone impact. (add BP_CustomBoneSound to skeletal mesh)

Video for the latest two updates :slight_smile:

Update Patch notes:

[Feature added] Pitch Multiplier
[Feature added] Advanced Locomotion System Ragdoll Support

[Fixed] No Sound on Surface Sounds when nothing is selected

[Changed] Documentation

Update Patch notes:

[Changed] All Actor Hit Variables to Components - you can now drag and drop BP_PhysicsCollisionSound onto meshes in your actors hiriarchy and only that mesh will play the sound - Multiple sounds for each Actor Component Mesh

[Changed] Example Level - Multi Mesh object with different sound

Update Patch notes:

[Fixed] Better Custom Bone hit detection
[Fixed] Hit Pitch Multiplier issue

Hotfix Update:

[Feature added] Hit detect Margin Override Slider (0 is default automatic Margin)

[Fixed] ALS self collision sound issue

[added] 8 new sounds (HitCarpet, RollCarpet, HitLeather, HitSmallPlastic1/2, RollPen, SlideSharpie, SlideSharpieShort)

Update Patch Notes:

[Fixed] Loop removed
[Fixed] improved performance on BeginPlay
[Fixed] ALS VolumeSound velocity

[Removed] IsRagdoll Variable (not needed anymore and the name was nonsense anyway)

Update Patch Notes:

[Fixed] Skeletal Mesh Error on BeginPlay

[Added] Standard Gamemode Pawn for flying in example Level

Update Patch Notes:

[Fixed] Actor Warning
[Fixed] Array Warning
[Improved] Pitch detection -> Please Check your Pitch Multipliers and what your actors sound like

The asset is now updated to UE 4.26 :slight_smile:

Is this a good place to ask for support?

I have a BP for some characters that start with ragdoll off and I want the physics sounds to work when simulate physics is turned on (ragdoll). I followed your tutorial and documentation, made sure generate hit events is on but your examples all show the components being put on an actor in the scene. My character actors are spawned in after it starts, and in their BP I can’t tick Simulate Physics because they can’t start that way.

What am I missing? I added all the hit sounds for impact and stuff too. I am getting no sound.