Physics Collision Sound

Hey RabbleGS,

Sorry for the late reply I’m used to most support requests to come via mail or discord by now. The physics collision sound component needs to be added to the ragdoll mesh, not the actor. The mesh needs to have generate hit events ticked. It changed in an update about a month ago, sorry for the confusion.

I hope that makes it work.:slight_smile:

Here’s is the most up to date tutorial on ragdolls if you haven’t found it yet

Hey, thanks!

It was a dumb mistake on my end, I added the physics collision sound component and didn’t notice what you said, that it needs to be attached to the mesh not the root actor.

Update Patch Notes:

[Feature added] NPC AI Notification system (Use the AIPerception component senses to make npc hear objects)

[Changed] some stuff to functions for better performance

new video on AI Perception, make NPC react to object sound! new asset feature!

Update Patch notes:

[Fixed] IsValid node in Sound occlusion and changed it a bit

Update Patch Notes:

[fixed] Apex Destruction base mesh (non destructed) support

Update Patch Notes:

[updated] ALS hit detection system
[added] velocity threshold slider for better performance and more accurate hit detection

Would you recommend I set velocity threshold to 0 since my mobile game is throwing ragdolls around (a lot of times at a high velocity)?

Also, I’ve been getting these warnings in my output log recently:
LogScript: Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to access index 0 from array ‘VolumesImpactThis’ of length 0 in ‘/Game/PhysicsCollisionSound/Blueprints/BP_PhysicsCollisionSound.BP_PhysicsCollisionSound_C’!
LogScript: Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to access index 0 from array ‘VolumesExitThis’ of length 0 in ‘/Game/PhysicsCollisionSound/Blueprints/BP_PhysicsCollisionSound.BP_PhysicsCollisionSound_C’!

Should I be concerned about these? It does seem like the audio is not firing consistently when the ragdolls are impacting objects, only happens sometimes.

Update Patch Notes:

[fixed] VolumeSound warning popping up under specific circumstances

Update Patch Notes:

[fixed] VR Expansion Plugin Physical Hands compatability
[fixed] PhysicsVRoverlap Component

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Patch Notes:

[fixed] Volume Sounds

[changed] sounds play from origin of impact not from object itself