Physics Blueprint API in UE4 is poor.

Will there be any improvement in this direction?
Or i go to Unity, or Torque 3D. :mad:
Thanks for reading.

Edit: Also take a look at this:

Try PhysX SDK with C++ code :slight_smile:

It to hard for coding for one man (me).
FCK C++ ! I hate this SHT! :mad:

If you could provide examples of things that could be added or changed, that would be very helpful.

OMG. See Unity physics API or Box2D API !!!

One example: Need Blueprint event "OnConstraintBroken" for PhysicsConstraintActor in LevelBlueprint - UE4 AnswerHub
How quick Epic can do that “OnBroken” event for PhysicsConstraintActor?
I am sure that this will be done no earlier than 2 months.
Example №2: How to set "Constraint Actor 1" in blueprint? - UE4 AnswerHub
From May 08 2014 this don’t fixed.
Example №3: Change Physics Constraint components at runtime - UE4 AnswerHub
From May 05 2014 this don’t fixed.
This two F*CKING functions to do, but Epic can’t do this? You not Epic at all.

Stop to coding the graphics-animation-engine, do more Blueprint API, Blueprint physics API for levels-designers!
Games are not always made by programmers.

“Not-Epic” im very sad. :mad:
Thanks for reading.

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for the examples. I will ask whether improvements in these areas are planned.

For the second issue you posted, are you saying that isn’t actually fixed? Please reopen that question or post a new one so we can get that fixed if that is the case.

As a side note, please don’t use inappropriate language when posting. Thanks!

The language you are using is not so adeguate.
I got angry too when I realized C++ documentation is a complete mess, untidy and unclear. But, I got assistance in this forum’s section. So, I will wait for a serious and complete C++ tutorial… I think Epic should write a book, a serious book about the Unreal Engine Architecture. :confused:
Please can you tell me what type of physic simulation are you trying to do? And what game are you doing in Unreal Engine?
I would like to make you note that, Unreal Engine is a good choice for indies. In fact, CryENGINE requires Autodesk software (3600€) and Unity3D costs 1500€. Unreal Engine is the best choise you can do.
@Hey Wilson! Don’t forget the code documentation too! :smiley:

Hello Sabino98. :slight_smile:
I’m try to do a simple physics interactive FPS-game, like Half-life 2.
Torque 3D is also not bad free engine.
Yes Unreal Engine is a good choice for indies, but don’t forget, Epic take the 5% of sales!

UE4 actully used both PhysX and Box2D :stuck_out_tongue: But those are just raw physic simulation libraries, UE4 makes everything seemless thats why you don’t see them being used

Unity better for started indie, because UnityFree limits have almost solved by community.
With every day I want more and more go to Unity.
I dont want learn C++, C# more easy.
Goodby UnrealEngine and Epic and C++ :stuck_out_tongue: , hello Unity and C#! :smiley:

Please Antonio send me a private message on this forum so we will talk and resolve this problem :slight_smile:

me too im sorry to say

Please let’s give a serious feedback for Epic. Only giving a serious opinion, Unreal Developers will help us.
My feedback:

Price and Licensing | ★★★★★ | Only 20 € + 5% royalty
Asset | ★★★–| Only FBX support
Blueprint doc | ★★★★-| Quite satisfatory
C++ doc | ★----| A mess, really

ok here is my serious feedback, even though the thread is going off topic

Price and Licensing | ★★★★-
C++ doc | ★----
Almost Exclusive Focus on Rendering Improvements | ★----
Editor Performance | ★----
Mobile Performance | -----
PC Performance | ★★—
HTML5 | ★----
Physics | ★★—
Audio | -----
Features | ★----
Engine Footprint | ★★—
In House UI Solution | ★★★★-
Ease of Use | ★★★–
Full Source Access | ★★★★★
Developer - User Relations | ★★★★★

Just a short note :wink: -> obj files are also supported

But yeah, as tegleg metioned, let’s stay on topic in here :slight_smile:

@tegleg -> I agree with you about the doc; but not about HTML5, because the nowadays standard of a game engine is the support for PC and Consoles.

Hey AntonioModer, thanks for taking the time to provide us with feedback.

To answer your original question - Yes, Jeff and his team are constantly making updates to the documentation and our training materials as we update existing features and add new functionality release over release. We know there are some areas that need improvement, and we’re glad you guys are willing to share your experiences here so we can try and address problems you find.

Regarding what you’re trying to do with physics and Blueprints, have you tried starting a thread in the Development Discussion or Blueprints forums? There are a lot of awesome Unreal Engine developers around in our community that are willing to help or point you in the right direction.

Lastly, we’d really appreciate it if you’d keep your language under an R rating, as Unreal developers come in all ages :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback



To use C++ in UE4 you need to know UE4 framework and to learn that you don’t need to use C++ at all… because Blueprint use exact same framework most of nodes are C++ function bindings, if youy know blueprints you should able to find yourself in C++ functions, if you learn it you should able to figure things from looking on API refrence.

This guy have no idea what he is talking about. He have no skills to build what he wants and blames the tools for that.
He thinks Unity will be any better, let him move on;
I’d rather see all noobs going that route by the way. Unity is easier for someone who had never built a full game before, Unreal is not forgiving with “kids”.