Physics Asset Issues

Hi All, I’m using UE4.11.2, please explain me anybody…beforehand sorry for my english, not my native lang.
I have got this guy in 3dsmax:

So, I imported it in ue4:

And recieved error: The bones size is too small to create physics asset.
But this guy ~180cm tall!

So I tried to create physics asset setting min bone size to 0.1 and recieved that.
When I try to simulate physics, my guy transform to furious flying of textures :smiley:
And When I try to edit, for example, size of head bone body, it became more larger and I can’t make it smaller than it pictured at the screen below in red square

Whats wrong with this sh*t? I don’t understand, I tried to scale my guy in 3ds max to 10m tall, and it changed nothing! I’m not sure that it happens because of face bones, that are not so small, and I tried to delete all bodies from all bones, and create by my hand one for spine bone, for example, and i couldn’t to make it smaller too! I don’t understand how it works…I would be happy if someone will help me…