Physics asset is ignored for Light Cache calculation if Skeletal Mesh have Apex cloth

All our character animations have root bone at xyz = zero location, but rest of the character (hip bone and further) is offsetted. For indirect lighting cache sampling in the right location we used collision bodies in Physics Asset.
It works great until we add apex cloth to the skeletal mesh and mesh starts sampling origin as if without Physics Asset applied. Is it expected behavior? And are there any workarounds?

Thank you in advance!

The reason this was happenning is because Apex Cloth was taking origin point into bound by default. You can see it by showing bounds in viewport (Show → Advanced → Bounds), when apex is disabled the bounds only conform collision bodies, but the moment it’s activated the bound streches to encompas the origin point wherever it is and reagardles if there anything at all.

It seems like its fixed in 4.18. I’ve been told that the change is under CL# 3565946 in github, but couldn’t find it yet.