Physically based shading model for realistic hair

Hello, I’ve seen in the 4.11 release notes that there is now a physically based shading model for realistic hair.
The problem is that when I set it up, it turns my character’s hair from red to black.
My character was designed using Mixamo. I did not change anything about rendering after the fbx import.
Could somebody help please ?

Same question for eyes and skin… Nothing seems to be working like on Unreal feature page (Unreal Engine 4.11 Released! - Unreal Engine)

You should check out the hair material sample in Content Examples project > Character_Rendering level. The new hair shading requires a bit more complicated setup than that.

Hi, can you be more precise please ? Where can I find “Content Examples project > Character_Rendering level” ?
I’ve found this link: Creating Human Skin | Unreal Engine Documentation
but did not find a character map in Content Examples…

OK forget my question, just found out that my content examples sample had not been updated.

OK, I’ve taken the material from the content project and set it to the hair of my character.
But it really does not look as I was expecting…


Hopefully she’s getting her money from the stylist.

The demo head has 138 of these hair clumps with the material mapped to a few planes that make up the hair clump.
You might want to distort and instance the hair clumps to suit your needs.

You can scale the hair clump mesh along the z for a longer look.

Make sure you’re using Masked Opacity (alpha clip) and not normal Opacity (alpha blend) which has classic sorting issues. Try using values for the roughness and scatter too.

I’ve taken the hair material without modification.
It is using “Opacity mask”.

Hello,i tired this new shader and i have some strange problems with shadows now.

I have the same problem, were you able to fix it?

I realise this question is rather old now, but Google got me here, so for others who still come across this thread today:

There’s a really helpful person over at the forums who’s taken it upon himself to break-down his entire hair workflow there: