Physical Animations with and - Aug 30th - Live From Epic HQ


The “Physical Animation Component” is a new feature in UE4 with a lot of applications. In this stream, will walk through setting up a third person template character with the Physical Animation Component to help get your started with your own physics-affected characters. Come watch fluidly moving skeletal meshes that bump into stuff and then make your own to throw around!

Tuesday, August 30th @ 2:00PM Countdown]



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I’ve been playing around with this for a bit, and apart from some issues, it’s been great fun! I’m really looking forward to this, I hope it will make things clearer for me, and maybe give me some ideas.

Let us all throw that poor third person template character around!

I would love to see some examples of this feature, so looking forward to the stream. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the stream! I would love for you guys to show and talk about a good way to attach the character capsule to the ragdoll, so that let’s say you a character to get hit -> fall over in ragdoll -> get up again his capsule follows all the way :).

I’m hoping to see exactly how this setup was done from the old 4.12 preview stream that showed 4.13’s physical animation.

Starts at 45min,36sec.

When I try to simulate the character walking in mid air scenario it’s all flailing rather than only responding to collisions. Probably something I skipped over in documentation but then again.

WHOO HOO! Will def. help me out!

Great stream, thanks guys!

Sounds like the collision on the mesh was set incorrectly. Under collision presets, make sure “Collision Enabled” is set to Physics Only and also the collision channels should be set to Ignore for Pawn.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks, I’m out of town so will have to check back later. Pretty sure I saw what I was missing during the stream. I wish I had remembered to ask during the stream about different pawns colliding with each other though, granted it could get messy with a crowd of characters. I like unstable but controlled chaos.

Is there a video on youtube somewhere? I would like to see this but can’t find it anywhere…

You can find it here still.

I had to step out so many times that I asked them to put a speed order on the youtube video(I like to watch on my TV) during the stream, naturally that probably lead them to accidentally destroy it or something.

The archive is now up!

yey, thanks!

Great to see a physical animation component becoming part of the package - brings a lot of the fun up to the level where developers can easily access it without having to dig around in PhysAnim.cpp.

I may have missed it but are there any plans to provide exo-skeletal constraints to drive key points (e.g. hips, chest, hands, feet, head) to desired targets, either from keyframed or procedural animation? (Basically like the grab function works in the physics asset editor).

Very nice and informative stream. So which is more performance wise, Anim Blend Weight or Physical Animation ? :slight_smile:

is it possible to get the kind of Charactor in these games using just Physical Animations?
how to create charactor like the game “Party Animals” & “Human Fall Flat” & “Gang Beasts”?