Physical Animation on same blueprint


I am currently setting up a melee combat system and have look into physical animations. For my combat system I am using a set of traces attached to the sword, which allows me to get the hit results etc. All my characters are using the same blueprint, which is giving me a little bit of a headache;

When I try to apply my physical animation blend, it applies it to the character that is hitting, not being hit. How would I go about getting the skeletal mesh of the character getting hit, and applying that to the physical animation?


Each character has its own BP, its own mesh, its on Physical Animation Component…

In the weapon trace hit event you get the object that was struck.

Call the apply damage on the object that was hit.

Handle that damage accordingly.

Thanks for the reply, but how would I apply the Physical Animation blend to the other character and not myself? I understand that you can get the actor that has been hit, but how do I get the skeletal mesh?

I don’t understand what you are asking-
Each character has its OWN BP, its own mesh, and its own Physical Animation Component…

The one that does damage tells the one that gets damaged to receive damage.

The one that is damaged has access to its own mesh and physical animation component.

Alright alright, let me try to explain a little more clearly.

This is a multiplayer game, which uses the same blueprint (instanced) for each player. There is one character blueprint used - so therefore I cannot cast to another blueprint or whatever.

I am attempting to set the Physical Animation component of the character that I hit - which is the same character controller that I am using…

Here are a few images of my raycast things, excuse the noobiness, I am new :smiley:

So essentially when I hit the bone of another player, it applies the Physical animation to me as we share the same blueprint.

I’m sure I’m just being a noob and there is a really obvious node or answer but thankyou for your patience :slight_smile:

I think the piece you are missing is that the Damage event only fires on the instance that receives damage.

Even though they share the same BP, the event only fires on the character that is damaged.

So, for example, if you enable the Physical Animation Component in the Damge event, on the the damaged character will execute that.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

No luck unfortunately, still just applys it to itself.

My bad, you were correct! I placed it after the “Apply Damage” as that is what I thought you meant, but I tried adding it to the Event AnyDamage (which is what I’m sure you meant) and it worked fine! Thanks a lot mate !:slight_smile: