Photoshop CC Generate Normal Map - horizontal and vertical lines issue

On a left side there’s a greyscale image I used as a source, on a right side there’s the normal map generated in Photoshop CC with a default settings.

How do I get rid of these horizontal and vertical lines every other pixel? It looks really, really bad when put into the UE, almost as if there would be some wireframe one it.
I seen someone suggesting to use 16 bit instead of 8, but it doesn’t make any difference as far as I see. I also tried changing settings in a filter window, but they don’t seem to affect these lines.

Any ideas how do I generate a smooth normal map with Photoshop?

Bump? /10char

Zoom out they are not there :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t see them in my particles and tests when i used it.

This happens for me too. I don’t rate Photoshop’s conversion tool. Changing bit depth doesn’t seem to have much affect either.

Best solution:
**Download xNormal. Its free, and in the ‘Tools’ tab, there’s a heightmap to tangent normal map converter which works well. **

Yeh ignore that Garbage. Either get ahold of Quixel 2.0, xNormal or the nVIdia Photoshop plugins. The latter two are free, but first isn’t but nDO is a very good tool.

Thanks guys. I downloaded xNormal - got a perfect normal map out of it in 30 seconds.

I know about nVidia plugin, but when I export a normal map out of it - Unreal Engine cannot import the file, shows an error on any attempt. But no matter - xNormal does the job perfectly fine :slight_smile: