Photorealistic diamond?

Is it possible to make photorealistic diamonds in Unreal Engine? Ideally I’d like to get quality approximate to the videos below.
I’m new to Unreal Engine and I couldn’t find any example of diamond rendered in UE at all. So I wonder is it technically possible and is there any example: video, screenshot, tutorial or paid asset?

if you where looking for some kind of refraction parameter there is none, but you can fake it here is my take on this

Hello Crivatz,
and how have you make this fake Diamond?
it would me interest too.
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Hi here is the material feel free to play with it just note that you need to create your own texture depending on the geometry you are using and you have to create your UV in such a way so you can create an seamless texture

Hi Crivatz!
Got it. Thank you for help!

Thanks Crivatz. I just downloaded and tested it and it is an awesome shader indeed. I am kinda wondering though. Since the shader looks quite complicated, I was wondering whether you could explain to me some of the logic behind it. I am trying to get better at shader production like this and it would help me a lot if I could understand this shader more indepth.

Hi there. I know this thread is months old by now, but could you advise on how to make a texture like the one you provided, based on my own geometry?

Like this:

looks to me like a basic shape layout was rendered from a mesh unwrapped with cylindrical coordinates and then a mix of filters and hand painted layer masks for the various channels.

In term of what the intention of what it is doing… I can’t really comment on that but to me it appears to be using several bumpoffset layers combined with some psuedo random reflection brightness changes to give the appearance of lots of complex refraction interactions. The refraction that the engine calculates is pretty basic so the shader attemps to mimic the effect you would get by a more advanced ray trace. So textures that have lots of little detailed glints with bump offets cause the glints to get brighter and darker as they either overlap or mask eachother. Then the dot product uses sine to give it lots of ripples of light and dark.

All of the little sparkle detail and refraction here is emissive. For a look at how to do that without using emissive I posted some code changes in this thread:

does anybody have this? the download link from crivats doesn’t work

Same here, I can’t download it either.

I don’t have permission from the original creator, but I took the liberty to upload it to my Drive. If there’s any problem with that, let me know.

Diamond Material

thank you for uploading that.

what do I edit if I wanted to change the color of the diamond?

Hey, thank you @cridia I appreciate that :smiley:

Add a constant vector 3, and multiply it with the base color.

Hi! The other way received the simulated distortion. But I can’t achieve the ideal. Your thoughts?

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