Photogrammetry testing

I have been playing around with photogrammetry now and then, but never actually tried to make anything good. Well now is the time to atleast try :slight_smile:
I still need to learn a good delighting technique.

First rock that I made using Autodesk remake, retopo in Maya -Quad Draw, Baking with X-Normal and filalizing with Substance Designer.

This is first texture that i tried to make. Pictures from my home wall. Hardest thing is to try to make it tile, since you have to edit all the channels at once. I used substance painter for that.

Took some more pictures and made forest ground texture.

Time for some rocks! Best one yet I think…


Trying to put together a scene with the assets, but I might need more stuff. Doing a good spurce is ■■■■ hard. I will keep practicing.

Is it difficult to learn at all?

Not really. Just a lot of reading polycount forums and using google. Finding good places to shoot pictures is the hardest part.

Maybe I should give it a go. Should quite easy creating complex statues, ornaments and stuff.

I would kill for a Photoshop update that lets you clone stamp more channels/layers for exactly this purpose.

Yea, that would be nice. You can do it in Substance Painter tho, It is not that hard. Here is how you do it and put all the channels to passtrough so it tiles all the channels.

Here is some more stuff, the trees are getting there, and made some blueberry.

edit. Did twigs and moss. More variation. I would like to have a tree stomp…


Very good.

Share the setup you are using? Camera, drone, etc?

Just a 16mp samsung WB350F pocket camera and 13mp huawei phone. I take pictures with both and they have different settings.
Its hard to see the quality of the pictures from a small screen so hopefully one gets sharp images. As low ISO as possible
and fast shutter speed. It is not that easy to get sharp pictures in the forest since there is never enough light.
​​​​​And you should take pictures in RAW format, but since I don´t have a really good camera, I have not noticed much difference if I shoot RAW or not.


​​​​​More stuff from my trip last weekend. These are still high poly.

I’m curios if you can do a tree with photogrammetry. Without a drone, that is.

With the cameras we have now, it is not possible. If you had best of the best equipment and took a thousand pictures and made a 100 million poly model with good uv spce and 32k texture. Then it might look ok.
There would not be any point since you could just photograph individual parts and put them together like in the kite demo.

Thanks for clearing that out. Makes sense.

Your stuff is looking really good! I like that forest scene. Other tip for photogrammetry that you probably already know, is to take the pics when it’s overcast (cloudy but not too dark). That can be the hardest part; waiting for a cloud. Since I tend to only scan small things, I just bought a light tent and a turn table, with a couple of lamps set up on the sides.

Also, I don’t even bother with xnormal anymore. I much prefer Substance Painter for baking most of the maps, then Substance Designer for baking height maps (wish you could do that in SP). They’re just so much quicker.

Or Knald. Faster and better.

Dude, I was looking for this exact material to use as the ground of the railroad in a forest. I don’t want to sound rude but I’ll dare to ask, would you mind sharing this material? I can spare a few bucks for it if you want, I really need this. :o