Photogrametry asset for Unreal engine 4.

What i am thinking as a asset for Unreal engine 4, i have been watching all about Photogrametry, to create assets using a turntable with a DSLR camera on a tripod with a large 300 watt stroab light set behind camera, i been thinking, in Australia we have Sydney funnel web spider in Sydney and the blue mountains go and catch on in a large size jar take it home find out how to put it to sleep, and then sit Sydney funnel web spider female variety in the center of turntable, and take 36 photo of Sydney funnel web spider female turn turntable 36 times also might need to turn Sydney funnel web spider on the back and take 9 shots on the under belly different angles then careful turn Sydney funnel web spider over take 9 shots from top 9 different angles, send photos to Agisoft. Create a Sydney funnel web spider asset for Unreal engine 4.

Dude, you need some more periods in there to break up your post…I know you didn’t come here for English lessons though. So, honestly, I think it may be easier to model the spider yourself in a 3D modeling application like Blender. Sounds like it may be much easier than going out to catch a large scary spider in a jar, and then try and put it to sleep, in hopes that it will not run away… (and show up on your face later when you are sleeping Yikes!) Besides, even if you are able to get the spider into Agisoft using photogrammetry, you may need to clean up the model afterwards. I would just use Blender.

However, if you are determined to go out and catch yourself a spider then good luck!