Phantom Lighting Colors in Baked Lighting but not in Live Views

Hello everyone. I am currently perplexed by a lighting error that I am getting in 4.18.3. (This isn’t hard as I’m new to Unreal.) For some reason, I keep getting odd colors on some actors whenever I use the baked lighting. More troubling is that the colors have persisted even though I have radically changed the lighting and rebaked dozens of times. I even went down the route of Forcing No Precomputed Lighting to clear any existing lightmaps, and rebuilding. Same issue. The image with the Orangish stalagmite and green blotched rocks is the backed version. The second shows what it looks like when forcing no precompute lighting. (This is correct visually.) Any ideas? Could my errored lightmaps be propagating even though they have been “deleted”? All of my lights are static and I have verified that there are no lights affecting these rocks outside the ones I expect to. thanks!