Perspective Viewport is Empty

I am very new to unreal engine (but an experienced programmer/computer user).
I am using Unreal Engine version 4.27.2-18319896+++UE4+Release-4.27
I have imported Datasmith content exported from Sketchup Pro 2020.
I can see my model in Orthographic viewports but the perspective view port is blank.
I have checked Project Settings->All Settings-> Search for “Near Clip Plane”. It is set to 10 (not negative or zero).
I am viewing ‘Unlit’. I have rebuilt lighting, just in case that is a factor.

I do not have this issue with other Datasmith content that I have imported from other models (therefore, not a driver issue).
I don’t know if it is relevant, but this project is set up to be used in an Oculus Quest 2 VR (I have successfully done this with other projects).
I have searched/googled/looked at various project settings, but I have no idea why this is happening. Thanks in Advance for any suggestions.
See attached image for more info.

I notice all the viewports are in Unlit mode, have you tried Lit?

Yes. Thank you.

I have figured this out. The perspective viewport was just zoomed so far out and scrolled way off of the screen so that I couldn’t see anything. I had made the assumption that it would follow the other viewports, at least somewhat.

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