Perspective transform in material editor

Hey guys. I was wondering if there’s anyway to perform a perspective transform or warp on an image, as in manipulating it’s UVs this way.
I intend to apply this to a screen space mapped texture, to transform the angle it appears at.

I’ve performed the effect here in Paint.NET to show what I’m trying to achieve.

I don’t know if any of you will have a solution but it’s worth a try, any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is possible to accomplish. However it is very difficult to generate on the fly. You can create a custom UV to create that perspective in some external program, but that would be a static UV.

I suggest you buy the FX and UI Functions pack, its very cheap and comes with lots of new custom material functions. Specifically it comes with a great Perspective Function that you can use to make UVs on the fly to do this.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a look. The UVs need to be manipulated based on camera position, so I doing it externally isn’t really an option. I was looking at creating a seperate refraction system because the built in system wouldn’t work properly for my application so it’d have to be on the fly. Just an idea. Thanks for taking the time to answer

No problem, happy to help.

You may also then be interested in this example content for fake depth. Witcher 3 inspired portal

I’m looking at doing something similar, did you find a solution ?

Bumping this 4 years later :slight_smile:

I was banging my head on the same problem (for User Interface materials, trying to make a fake perspective effect on a 2D widget) and I stumbled on this thread. I found a simple solution in case anyone else ends up here: