Persona Tutorial?

So I am about to start going down this road of bringing over all my skeletal meshes and animations for a human bi-ped.
Yes I have seen the documentation for Persona and Blend Nodes coupled with blueprints and so on. However the documentation seems more like a discussion about what it does and not how to put it all together. There are a ton of Video Tutorials but nothing that tackles a front to back how to make a animation tree like you would in UDK3 and have the code call the pawn and the skeleton and the anim tree etc.

Has someone put this together yet or is there some other documentation that says okay you have a skeletal mesh bi-ped and you have your animations now lets put all that together and get it working.

Its just not all clicking for me yet, you replaced the animation tree with something I do not understand yet and I think I am just a visual learner on this one and seeing it would be more helpful.

Thanks in advance

This page walks you through the process of setting up a character:

Does that help any?

Just looking at the title I would imagine so.
Um ya sorry I do not know why I didn’t see that one cause that is exactly what I have been looking for. If I run into any issues with the workflow I will sound off.


Ya I am going to be honest that tutorial does the same thing. You want to see how to setup persona just launch a premade project and look at that one. Doesn’t really get into detail about the relationships of what is actually happening so you can have practical application. Don’t get me wrong I am stumbling about and figuring a little here and a little there but if I had a real tutorial about it I am sure I would already be beyond this stage of migration.

We certainly want to do some Persona video tutorials!

Well I certainly will appreciate them. Look like I might of posted this in the wrong forum I see in the blueprint forum a fairly lengthy thread on the same subject.

Amen to that , i’m really stuck with this persona system… i cant figure it out for the life of me.

does take some getting used to, and official videos would be nice

I am not letting this thread die, need some tuts pretty please.

Be patient, Zak Parrish is working on such a tutorial :wink:

I love you zak

Yeah. Right now the plan is to show how to go from a small collection of FBX files to a “playable” game. Technically speaking, we’re going to run through the creation of the Third Person Template from scratch, but I also want to show how to set up a Blueprint interface for interactive elements so I can show how to make lots of different things easily interactive.

So we’ll have to cover:

  • Input mapping
  • FBX Importing
  • Character Blueprint setup
  • Animation Blueprint setup
  • BlendSpace setup (1D this time)
  • State Machine setup

And that’s just to get things playable. Once we’re over that hump I want to set up the BP interface for interactivity with a couple simple BPs that implement it differently.

I’m also looking at scalping a couple of animations from the Content Example project and showing how to make the character punch stuff, but that’s sort of a “pie in the sky” goal.

It’ll be just a little bit. The recording and post stuff takes a little time. But I am on it! :smiley:

looking forward to this. ever since the beta, Persona has been a big roadblock for me. it just seems that do so the equivalent of an animtree, I’d need at least 4 times the amount of nodes to do a Persona BP, but maybe that’s just my limited understanding of it :slight_smile:

Hey Zak you put together that tutorial yet by any chance?

AnimBP tuts is great news , i guess i will go populate my map with static meshes while waiting for the tut

I’m workin’ on it, I’m workin’ on it!!! :smiley:

The base portion is done. I’m now adding some special stuff just because I love you folks so much. So now there’s going to be some animation retargeting, some Animation Montage magic, some Blueprint Communication… basically we’re going to make the character able to fight a little bit. Then I want to add some interactivity stuff.

The sorta-kinda-but-not-quite-bad news is that the base stuff (which I’ve recorded! It’s done, I swear!) will likely have to hold you over for a little while. I’ve got to catch a plane tomorrow afternoon to head to PAX East, then I’m off to the UK for a few days. But as soon as I’m back I’ll add some more stuff for you lovelies to enjoy.

But keep in mind that recording the videos is only part of the process. We’ve got a lot of stuff in the pipe and our Resident Video Editing Wizard has to do all of the black magic that he does in order to get the vids all up on YouTube and stuff. So you have to be patient for that. Still, remember that we are pretty much working around the clock right now to get this training out to you, and we really love that you all are being so patient and that you’re so excited for more training!

Keep jammin’!

Sweet! I am looking forward to this tutorial Zak! I am sooooo! Excited haha! thanks for caring so much for us we know you work very hard to provide these tutorials for us! :smiley:

I getcha, that must have been a real tough call, work more or go to PAX hmmm…
Don’t worry I am just relentless in my pursuits.

Thats great news , keep up the good work .

P.S. If you can , please include some Montage in the tutorial too . it is also one of the areas of my confusion.

I am eagerly awaiting the tutorials too. While the documentation is nice. It covers everything and finding something specific becomes kind of difficult. I always learn better from videos so I’m hoping it arrives soon. Been trying to figure out how to blend animations for two days now but touching the thirdperson template stuff breaks it so easily so you can’t really reverse engineer it without having full knowledge of the tools.