persist playerstate information across non seamless travels

Is there a way to persist information between a non seamless server travel?

Currently, I have the pre game lobby level with a PreGameLobbyPlayerState, and players can choose their team on the lobby, and the team number value is stored at the PreGameLobbyPlayerState.

However, when everyone is ready, the server travels to the match level, that has a different PlayerState that also has the Team number, and I need to pass the information the player has chosen on the lobby.

I could use GameInstance, but since I’m not using the seamless travel, everyone gets disconnected and then reconnected after travel, so there’s no unique identifier to know which player is the owner of the information inside GameInstance, since a new PlayerState is created for everyone.
Also there’s the CopyProperties method inside player state, but as far as I understand, it only works with Seamless Travel.

I appreciate any help!