Permanently have Unlit as the main viewmode?

Hi, I was just wondering whether I can have my camera set to render in unlit viewmode permanently as it gives me better colours? I’ve tried to do this by using the “viewmode unlit” command in blueprint but it doesn’t work when launched on IOS.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Elliot1234,

Unlit mode is not a launchable/shipable post processing pass. You will have to work with Post Processing options to decorrect the gamma that is corrected through the lit post process pass. For additional information on post processing, please look here:

Additionally, if you need more information on post process material setups, check here:

Thanks You.

What you could do, is clamp whatever you have going into the diffuse, and put that into emissive. it might need some tweaking but it could also get you some decent results.