Permanent black screen after using Show Loading Splash Screen

I’m trying to use the methods I found in Robo Recall to create a splash screen between levels. The splash screen is loading ok (although, I couldn’t get it to display the textures in the editor) and then being removed. However, once it’s removed, the level does not display. It’s running in the background and can be seen if I switch stereo off, but the Oculus still has a black mask on it. It stays there if I try and run the preview again and doesn’t go away until I restart the editor.

I set my camera fade to pink, so I know it’s not that. I bound the loading screen to a controller button and that switches on and off over the black screen.

Is there another something I need to reset on the Oculus? Everything works fine when the ShowLoadingSplashScreen node is disconnected.

The Oculus output in the log shows when it is hiding/showing. I had a similar problem where one level didn’t get the clear from the normal automatic Oculus logic when loading finished. Adding a call to HideLoadingSplashScreen with clear set from BeginPlay in the LevelBP worked around it for me.


Thanks, but that’s how I was hiding the splash already and it is working. Here’s the log:

[2017.03.13-17.22.03:491][451]LogHMD: FOculusRiftSplash::Show
[2017.03.13-17.22.03:550][453]LogHMD: FOculusRiftSplash::Tick, DELTA > 0.5 secs, ie: 0.0204 1.1977
[2017.03.13-17.22.03:675][477]LogHMD: FOculusRiftSplash::Hide
[2017.03.13-17.22.03:682][477]LogHMD: Allocated a new swap texture set (size 16 x 16, mipcount = 5), 0x000002543041E730
[2017.03.13-17.22.03:683][477]LogHMD: FOculusRiftSplash::PushBlackFrame

The splash part is me manually showing and hiding the custom splash, which works. I don’t know what’s causing PushBlackFrame to happen, but I guess that’s what’s wrong?