Perlin Noise Material Editor

I tried using perlin noise to generate heightmap by combining a couple of functions on a different octaves as explained on

How do I use the Noise function on material editor to achieve that look?

The three noise function all have different levels, Thanks!

Hey ernesernesto -

You will need to Clamp the output of the Noise to 0 to 1 (though you could also set the minimum Output to 0 as well). You will probably also need to add some smoothing through the Filterwidth and adjust your scale to way way below 1 (like 0.0575 gave me a good result). The Levels in the noise node refers to the levels of noise that the module is mixing to generate a noise field.

Here is what my material ended up looking like:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks Eric!, I was able to get the result I want :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

Hi Eric,

I hope you get a notification of this :wink: (didn’t see a contact option)

Do you have an answer for my Noise/Perlin problem?

You seem quite knowledgable :slight_smile: thanks in advance!