Periodical lag spikes on all threads in 4.20 and 4.21 PIE and Standalone

without looking at anything. i say you should check if the same happens on a different pc. just to quickly see if the problem is ue4/the project or your machine.


I’m experiencing periodical and constant lag spikes every 1-2 seconds. Tested and happens on PIE and standalone.

I noticed this first time yesterday and I’ve tested and seen it on:

  • 4.20 empty C++ blank project
  • 4.20 empty map on my previously working C++ project
  • 4.20 populated map on my previously working C++ project
  • 4.21 All same as above

I’ve tried running the projects from SSD and HDD and I’ve deleted and generated the project files again several times.

I don’t really understand what is causing this. I’d really appreciate if someone can look at the UnrealStat file and tell me what might be causing the lag spikes.

Here’s a link to google drive for a UnrealStat file:

Thanks, Ville