Performant full screen fade to black/white on 4.27 XR?

Hi, is this possible? I’ve tried every method mentioned in the forums but nothing seems to work. Best i’ve got is by using a stereo layers texture but because I can’t fade it out (alpha is fixed) it’s just a case of moving/scaling it to get a fading effect. Do I have to resort to a translucent sphere mesh around the camera and take the resolve hit during fades?

Have you tried using a post process material? It should at least be cheaper than a translucent mesh AFAIK.

I’m working on Quest 2 so Mobile HDR is disabled, which means there’s no post processing.

No idea if it works in this case, but another idea could be to use a custom shader. It would require C++ work though.

Yeah, I guess that’s one avenue I could try. Thanks.