Performances with foliage in 4.15


I have worst performances with foliage (grass and trees) in 4.15 than before… And I don’t know why ? I know that an issue exist with the grass output node : Grass Tool causing massive performance drop - Debugging, Optimization, & Profiling - Epic Developer Community Forums but even if the foliage tool has better performance than the grass output node, I can’t understand why performances are worst than before and I just want to know if other people are like me ?

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I can Confirm thats there are Really performance Drops on Foliage in 4.15.
I guess its the Grass NODES Landscape material System…but i Dont Know, i just get a WAY Worser performance than on 4.14! , and thats on my 1070…
When im Under an Tree , and Walk in the SHADOW my FPS DROPS TO 40 Whitout a REASON.

Thats a Problem… i cant Convert my Project Back to 4.14, because the Maps are not Compatible.

Hope They Made a Fast Fix

I Use 4.15.1

Thanks for your message, I hope too that this will be fixed very soon… Or just get more informations… I’m happy to don’t be the only one in this case !

Can we get more information about that ? I can’t find more information, but this is a really big problem for me, all my game envirnoments are broken, i can’t get more than 30 fps with foliage… I have an old save in 4.14, but i did a lot of work since… I hope we will have more information in the coming days.

Hey Dorian!, Try to Convert a Project Again!, I Converted it AGAIN from 4.14 to 4.15, and Erased all Lights, and Recreated it , and Look at Some Settings of the lights!, May theres a Problem!

After i Converted it Again and Looked at all Settings AO Distance Field Distance etc , I have now DREAM Fps, More FPS than on 4.14!
Like on 4.14 i got 100-110 Fps
on 4.15 i got now 120-140 FPS,



I had converted my project back in 4.14 and again in 4.15 but that changed nothing for me… I think I’ll try with my old save, and I didn’t understand what you say about lights settings? I tried some settings, but that’s not better… I hope I’ll find something or I think I’ll go back in 4.14 and lose 1 months of works…

Thanks for trying to help me,

I found the problem… : Asset migration breaks LOD screen sizes, bug report - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums. Then I need to change all LOD for all my foliage meshes… That’s not cool, but I found a solution at least.

That doesn’t solve the problem… I think I’ll stop my project while the problem is not solved, work for nothing is useless…

Epic, maybe you could comment on this issue?

I have exactly the same problem and no answer from anyone from any staff member. There is a big performance drop since 4.14, now 4.17 is coming out and still, you are not planning to do anything with it?

Have you found a solution (or at least a concrete reason for the issue) yet? I’m also struggling with that (

It’s probably related to the way the engine clusters foliage instances together (it changed from 4.14 to 4.15 and newer somehow). Bug or not, I haven’t found a clear answer to that yet… More related (and unanswered) questions here: