Why static mesh has higher performance than Hierarchical Instanced StaticMesh in Mesh Draw Calls?
So for performance reasons it is better to use static Mesh?
Waiting for a possible answer, I offer you my best regards.
I enclose two images that demonstrate the differences.

Hi, since 4.22 UE uses auto instancing that may also make a difference there. Also you should never test performance inside the editor. Always do so in a separate process (standalone or packaged), otherwise you will profile the performance of the editor with all the windows you have open there and not your game.

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Use hierarchical instanced static mesh to populate the level with a lot of the same mesh.
Drag the component to blueprint , draw a line from it and write add instance world space (make a loop of it - randomize the world transform (especially location)).
This can not be done with static mesh. Even if you manage to create thousands of static meshes manually (in blueprint or just adding them in the level) HISM is much faster for that.

Especially for performance reason.

Thank you very much for your explanations.