Performance Visualizer : SlateUI??

I’m trying to hit 90fps and 11.00ms in my game. When I run the GPU performance visualizer, the SlateUI portion is consuming about 2.0ms of my frame time. Here’s the thing though: I don’t use SlateUI at all in my game. So, where is this coming from? This performance cost translates to a few point lights I can’t put into my scene :frowning:

I’ve noticed that the SlateUI entry in the gpu profiler is an odd thing.
I also did not have any SlateUI widgets in my scene, but still I was getting 8ms worth of Slate in my profiler.
It’s just that the GPU is too busy doing other things before Slate kicks in, so the profiler spits out that SlateUI line, giving a false reading, if you will.

There must be something else in your scene that is causing GPU to stall