Performance significantly worse on Standalone mode than on Selected Viewport mode

Hello everyone. I am currently working on a scene and I’m encountering the following issue. When I play the game on the editor in runs at around 60 FPS. However, when I run it on standalaone mode it drops below 18 FPS. To give you more context when I run the game on standalone mode I have realtime disabled, the UE4 editor minimized and no other program opened. I also have an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980M graphics card and 16 GB of RAM. What do you guys think could be causing this problem? Thanks

Check the scalability settings for the standalone configuration. It might be defaulting to higher settings than you are using in the editor.

@fhern103 Am I correct in assuming when you run in standalone the picture is bigger? If so, then this is always the case because you have more pixels to draw…

Thank you for the response. I’m playing both in full screen so I’m guessing that indeed the scalability settings of the standalone configuration is different. Changing the scalability settings of the engine doesn’t affect the performance of the standalone game. How could I make both configurations match? Thank you.