Performance - Shaders and Textures

Hi !

I was always doing what my art directors / technical directors are advising when I was working on game assets.
I don’t have any experience with GPU profiling and performance test and that’s why I would like to ask about this stuff.

My main focus right now is on shaders and textures optimization.
I think I know basics ( more instructions more textures in the shader the performance is getting worst, more Materials IDs on the asset same thing, more uvs ) So I get less FPS, more draw calls.

So the questions are what tools use to check the performance actually in more pro way than just checking FPS on the test scene where I have my test asset copied 1000 times?

If you can point me to the right direction with this I will be gratefull :slight_smile:

This question came up when I was working with more advanced shaders where I had to deal with many Material Layers.

So any materials about good practices with shaders/textures are welcome.

Thanks! Cheers!