Performance rendering sequence video VS VR gameplay


Sorry if this is a nooobby question but i am very new. I’ve been working on an VR Unreal scene but do not yet have VR goggles.
I usually borrow my employers VR goggles but i’m currently away from home and so don’t have my own goggles to test.

I usually have a very good idea of how much stuff i can have in a scene before the computer starts getting a hit performance-wise in VR.

I’ve built a scene and it doesn’t seem too complicated. No more complicated than stuff i usually do, so i wouldn’t see it struggling in VR.
However, I decided to do a video sequence render to maybe see what it “mayyyy” look like in VR goggles. I’ve never done one before but it renders VERY slowly and its very low FPS when building the video.
Does this mean my scene will be low FPS when put into VR? Or is rendering video sequences generally always slower than Realtime gameplay?

I knowww i won’t really be able to tell until i put it into VR goggles, but I just thought rendering a video would be as easy to compute as realtime gameplay? It uses all the same textures and objects. I’m sure my scene isn’t too complex for VR…