Performance problem for simple game


I’m making a tower defense game so it is expected, the game not to want an expensive computer to run smoothly, but if I play it in fullscreen even with low graphics it still lags(20 fps). My video card is Nvidia GeForce 860M, I have an i5 processor.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is UE4 just greedy for good hardware? Most of my textures are 512px X 512px I am not using many material effects(mainly just diffuse). I don’t have too much high poly foliage… I think the problem is that the game looks too realistic(like, first person ready, while it should look simple, cartoonish). Any ideas how I can make the graphics more simpler? Btw I tried lowering the engine’s scalability, but that just made it look the same, but like with low graphics.

Your post does not give enough detail to find the culprint, “I don’t have too much high poly foliage” sounds quite disturbing imo though. From my experience most foliage requires no more than 10-20 polys. Without more info I doubt anyone can help you.

Use commands “stat engine”, “stat scenerendering” and “profileGPU” to time your game, CPU rendering and GPU rendering threads. These will give you detailed breakdown of what takes the most time. You can post screenshots of these and then we can figure out what hogs your resources.

Sorry, I definitely should’ve given you more info.





This is “profileGPU” after the enemies arrive(arround 20). It’s almost the same as before.


Can you post shader/quad complexity views?

Is this the thing when I press ‘F5’?

Whell, I found out what’s been cousing the problem. I decided to try not rendering the terrain. It halved my ms. I think it is because my terrain has 2048x2048 textures with normal maps and roughness… and metallic… yeah. I’ll try removing th effects and making the textures 512x512. Also a whole 9ms go to my trees. They are blueprints, so the go to the category StaticNotMasked. I have about 100 of them I think? I don’t know. But I have three materials with specular effect and not very small textures. So yeah. I hope I will be able to fix this.