Performance measuring: difference between 'stat unit' and GPU Visualiser

I’m trying to analyze performance, but I’m a bit lost with understanding the results…

So, when I look at ‘stat unit’, I see that the GPU appears to be a clear bottleneck, with asking 16ms (with the rest below 10ms).

But when I look at the analysis provided by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+,’ (GPU Visualizer), it shows that the GPU is totaling only 3ms per frame.

At the same time, the GPU usage according Windows Task Manager never peaks above some 40%.

What gives?

16.67ms=60fps. You’re using frame rate limiting. The GPU is idling until it’s time to render the next frame.

No, no… that’s not the case here. If I look in another direction the frame-rate goes up to 90 (which is, in fact, the limit that I set).

Any other ideas?