Performance issues

I seem to be having bad performance issues but only on Unreal Engine 4 titles. I have a GTX 1080 and 6700k OCed to 4.44 Ghz. In all Unreal engine games I seem to have extremely poor performance. Robo recall I cannot run on high settings without dropping frames. When I look in my frame timing it looks like the majority of the time is in the scene rendering. I seem to have this issue on all titles including things as simple as Freedom Locomotion. Is there some settings that could be corrupted that are just destroying my ability to get UE4 performance.

Unity titles meanwhile seem to run great. I use the visual monitoring and will always cap out the max resolution of all Unity titles (which is apparently comparable to 980TI performance).

I also seem to have poor preformance in the editor or on anything I make but I don’t have an easy way to compare. Since Robo Recall was designed for very low end systems I figured it was a good place to disucss the issue. If anyone is willing to help I can load games, run scenes take framing timing, stream out while playing and record footage. I’m interested in switching my development from Unity to Unreal but it’s hard to consider when it feels like I’m running at less than 25% of the capability of my GTX 1080. I can’t think of anything it could be but something seems seriously off but only on UE4 games/editor.

I have attached a copy of my Firestrike results. I think they look good.


I’ve noticed while running Firestrike I used the whole GPU (by GPU-Z) and the TDP was full. When I run Robo Recall I just get about 60% TDP usage (although still full speeds), only about 80 watts and I get a perf cap reason of vREL. For some reason running UE4 games causes the card to not use the whole GPU ability but instead just try to boost the voltage.

It’s only UE4 VR games that seem to do this. I’ve done DDU and reisntall. I’ve set my nVidea settings to prefer max performance. I’d appreciate any thoughts and am happy to submit any evidence desired.

Here is a video showing the problem. You can see I’m dropping frames without using the entire capability of the GPU.