Performance Issues!

Is the Engine still very unstable? because I am running a i7 950 3.01Ghz, HD 5850, with 8GB ddr3 1333mhz ram with Win 7 64bit on and even on low settings inside the basic level with nothing in I am getting 25fps?

Something’s gotta be wrong with your system then. I’m using the same gfx card and I’m getting ~100FPS in the editor with the primitive template map and ~60FPS when playing at 1920x1080 res.

Wow! then I really need check what is wrong, because I made a fresh OS install yesterday so this is quite strange.

Oh Tell me as well, the primitive template is it the 1 with the two chairs and table?

You probably forgot to install your video card drivers. If you did install, try running 3ds mark or something 3d intensive to check your performance

Lol I am pretty sure they are installed because, without them I wouldn’t be able to run the engine in the first place lol, and I will try out a intensive app just to double check my performance.

Hi mAlkAv!An. I’m just curious, what drivers are you using? I’d like to try the same version and see if they improve my performance any, I’m currently using the 14.3 beta v1.


I’m not using the latest drivers, Catalyst 13.9.

Thanks, I’ll give them a try!

Hmm…I am using Catalyst 13.12 so let me install 13.9 and see if that fixes my performance issue because there seems to be no problem when I run other 3D applications, and it’s really frustrating working with such low fps lol

Screen resolution has quite an impact on performance. If one person with the same card uses one monitor 19 inch monitor and the other person uses two 30 inch monitors that will give different performance.

I did play around with the resolutions settings and the performance seem to be the same no matter how low or high I turn it up.

Hi Crash,

Can you make this a post on the answerhub at so we can assist you further? Thank you!

Hi, Sure no problem :slight_smile:

How turn on v-sync?

I have an i5 760, 8 gigs RAM, GTX560Ti, Win 8 Pro.

@ medium settings in an empty level I get 100-120 FPS @ 1920x1080 120hz (80 in shootergame example)

@ epic settings it’s around 60fps in an empty level (30-40 in shootergame example)

Biggest bottleneck in UE4 seems to be GFX card (as expected)

You see the problem is when I choose the play mode it runs smooth but when I go back to the editor the performance becomes horrible again.

Weird. The only time mine lagged like that was when I accidentally opened up two editors…

Is your cpu or gpu overclocked? I know that in many cases this can actually decrease performance and stability for games and realtime rendering programs/middleware.

these kinds of things are always hard to identify without being on the computer itself. you can have identical hardware and get different performance from it due to firmware and driver upgrades. the guy above with his 100 FPS may have his computer set up perfect with nothing running in the background to interfere. and the next guy with the same hardware … can be missing windows updates that failed on install. out of date directx drivers or just out of date firmware. could be running multiple programs in the background from antivirus to firewalls. or even unknown malware thats using 10% of your cpu without your knowledge.

and you would be amazed at what a problem with a power supply unit can cause… especially one that causes rare problems or only under high performance (fluctuating power or not quite enough power to the video card aka a failing psu) … try identifying that issue without a spare power supply around. trust me its not fun.