Performance Issues!

It’s running at default clock settings so I don’t believe it’s that.

Well My installation is clean and fresh, and my cpu and gpu usage are normal, all the basic drivers required is installed as well, and my psu is working 100% at it’s optimal capacity, like I stated earlier that other 3D applications are running smoothly and even when I play the basic level in editor it runs smoothly around 50-60fps but when I return to the editor the frames dip back to around 25fps.

I have seemed to find the problem on why I was getting performance dips, every time I add a light I seem to get a huge performance hit even when the scene is completely blank with only a point light, my frames go from 120fps-60fps, this doesn’t make sense for such a simple setup can have such a huge performance impact. Has anyone come across with this same problem?

Runs fine on my old Radeon 6700, but as soon I open youtube on my other screen if I want to follow a tutorial it starts to lag like hell :frowning:

Can you do me favor please and make a clean project and add a point light and let me know if you also get a frame hit.

Use this as a reference: How to Improve Frame Rate Through Video Settings - Unreal Engine