Performance issues using capsule trace

Basically when I look up where trace hits nothing, performance is good (considering that video capture chugs fps). Tracing far away from player is pretty good too. However, as I look closer and closer to player’s location (trace hits closer to player), performance degrades and at some point it drops to minimum (yellow fps counter).

I am using capsule trace (so that player can’t teleport where it will get stuck).

This issue doesn’t seem to appear in PIE.

I also don’t recall having this issue with 4.11.2 (currently using 4.12.4)

Any thoughts ?

I finally managed to get “stat startfile/stopfile” profiling data on the device. Will try running it through Profiler today.

The odd thing was that when I ran the app on the device with “stat startfile”, all performance dips were gone. I had rock solid fps, judging by the fps counter. Once I turned off profiling, I was back to fps dips. WTF?!?!!?

Alright, scratch off capsule trace being the issue.

I turned off dithering on LOD transition and Lightmaps directionality on my terrain material and I no longer experience fps drop. It looks like sh#t though :confused:

Going to see whether dithering or directionality chugs fps.

I am 100% certain this was never an issue in 4.11.2

So you’re using custom mesh for landscape or normal landscape?

Alright, dithered LOD transition is what kills performance on Gear VR. Too bad, as it means neither foliage nor HISMCs can be used (even if Epic makes it work with static lighting).

To my knowledge Oculus asked Epic to make HISMCs to work on Gear VR (similar to static batching in Unity). Dear Epic, could you please make HISMCs and foliage working with static lighting and without dithered LOD transition (as an option) ?!???!?!?!?!?!?

No, just mesh. UE4’s Landscape performs horribly on mobile.