Performance issue on Linux

I have a cross-platform application. I compiled it for both Linux and Windows. On the same machine (2070 super, AMD 3950x), my scene is rendered at 80~90 fps on Windows and 30~40 fps on Linux. I played with shadow maps but they do not affect performance so much.

Could this be a GPU driver issue? Any advice for improving the performance on Linux?

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Why the GPU performance are so bad on linux with UE 4.27 ( test done in “standalone” mode ) ?


Did you try running this on Windows to compare the performance?

This is such an old and incredibly low end system that it is difficult to know what a reasonable framerate to expect would be.

You’re more than likely going to need to run at a reduced resolution with as many post processing effects disabled as you possibly can. Even then you might not break 30fps.

Probably also worth switching to the forward renderer

Yes it is low end system, anyway few steam’s games are running properly on it as : civilisation V, borderlands , haven park, … Yes I know it is old games …
Anyway the issue came from the graphics cards which have 2mo of memory. 4mo seems the minimum with vulkan.