Performance in VR: 100 textures?

I have a complex model of a large skeleton I’d like to bring into VR
Imagine a T-Rex with a 100 bones.

What I’ve been doing is baking high res meshes to low poly meshes in substance painter, giving me models that look great with 2k color / normal / roughness maps.

My next question is: Can I have 100 bones with 2k textures in VR running on a 1070?

Would it better to have 100 textures at 1k, or try and combine textures into combined textures / Atlases?

Thanks for any tips on optimization.

Hey Everyone. Hope you’re keepin’ safe.
Still trying to figure this out if anyone can help.

I have a free Open world demo from the marketplace of a Poplar forest running on my 1050Ti only after changing VR optimization settings as per their online documentation. It was a bit of a read but in summary you need to make sure to configure your Engine/Rendering settings. You need to set three things
A) Forward Renderer - check forward shading
B) Antialising method select MSAA not TemporalAA
C) VR Instanced stereo must be checked

Under Engine/General settings make sure Smooth frame rate is unchecked. Set the minimum desired frame rate to 25 fps if you have a less powerful GPU.

Wow very interesting! Thank you for this good advice.