Performance improvement? where?

Something strange in my project… but perhaps something good…

I working in my project with the last 4.7.X and Oculus runtime pre 0.6 and AMD Driver pre 15.20 drivers with my r9-290

The maximum (hmd sp) Screen Percentage i can use in my project without get less than 75fps was 120.

Recently AMD launch the 15.20 drivers and i upgrade the drivers and the Oculus runtime to 0.6.*.1, and migrate my project to 4.8.1 (now 4.8.2)

And… i can change the SP to 160-170 and still have 75fps. I don’t known why, drivers, runtime, unreal or other strange thing. But seems too much increased to be true.

I hear more now my r9-290 fan, if i change to stereo mode the fans begin spinning fast nearly instant, with the others driver fans keep silent.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Maybe it has something to do with the implementation of Queue Ahead (on per default on Oculus SDK This got my GPU utilization from 55-60 to about 60-70%.

I check qahead on/off in my project and i can raise the SP more with qahead off than on. 150-160 (on) 170 (off)