Performance Impact of BP Meshes and Spline Meshes?

I have a scene that uses blueprints to place environment geometry (similar to what is shown in this tutorial:…&ab&ab). This seems to be causing unnecessary performance hits compared to simple static meshes. I think it’s constructing the actors on runtime. Is there an incorrect way to implement this workflow or is this simply not something that would be used on an actual production?

 I'm also using splines to create curved assets in the scene and this also seems to be causing performance issues as well as collision syncing issues over the network, even though collision visualization seems to show correct placement. The spline points are very limited (3 max). Why would this be? Turning them into static meshes seems to fix the problem, but from what I've seen it should be feasible to use such limited splines as is. If not, is there a way to apply the spline meshes as a static mesh within the blueprint rather than going through the scene?

Thank you.

Hi, doing it like in the tutorial is fine, only remember to disable tick on that actor, else you will get performance problems if you place many of them (if you only want to have one single static mesh in there, then you can also inherit from “StaticMeshActor” instead of “Actor”).

Thank you. This seems to have solved the performance issues. I figured tick was already disabled since nothing was plugged into it.