Performance friendly shadows when using dynamic lighting

With all these new and old features like DFAO etc… I’m wondering what is the best setup for cheap shadows when using dynmaic lighting and no prebaked lighting ?

Depends on the situation, it’s best to use only one light that uses shadows, turn off shadows on all the rest of the lights. It can do a lot of dynamic lights as long as they don’t cast shadows and no more than 4 affect a surface at a time.

That means ? For example which methode is used by fornite ? They have liie a lot of buildings, cars etc…
I’m really not familiar with the rendering and lighting stuff right now…

No one here that can tell me a which dynamic lighting setup i can use to have still a good performance ?

Unfortunately there isn’t a definitive answer as Darthviper said.

Things to consider when working with dynamic lighting:

  • Number of lights casting shadows
  • Number of meshes in any view and if they have LODs setup
  • shadow distance and world size
  • number of shadows being cast from meshes
  • whether you’re using DF, CSM, or a combination of both.
  • Other effects and things going on in your game
  • Targeted Hardware

These are just a few things.

It’s a very broad question that cannot be answered in a single sentence or just by checking a box. Something can be that simple, but lighting is a very specific thing and understanding the limitations that need to be worked within can allow you to develop some cool games.

The most important thing to do is to prototype and test often what’s working and what’s not. If something is slowing down your scene it’s time to start profiling and see what is causing the hiccup.

Since you’re not that familiar with rendering and lighting please keep an eye out on our Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting and Tips guide. Eric and I try to update it when we can with new stuff and we have a list of about 15 other topics and tips to cover that we’ve not gotten to yet. It covers the common questions that come up with regards to lighting.

As far as Fortnite is concerned it’s a fully dynamic time of day system. I know it’s using Distance Fields, but I’m not sure if it’s using CSM or not specifically. More than likely it’s a combination of the two for the best visual. (Honestly don’t know all the specifics since I’m not working with that team or their project)

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your help, i think i understood that there is no “real” answer to my question… From what i understood fornite is also using dynmaic lighting so it would be a good start to know which kind of lighitng “setup” they have choose. If someone knows…