Performance difference between BP and Static Mesh/Paper Sprite

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I’m wondering if there is any difference in performance with blueprints vs sprite.

My 2d game is going to have a random generated world with alot of objects, Everything from ground to things (enemies, trees and so on). Think a little like terraria. The easiest way for me to interact with these objects is by using blueprints. I want actions when objects are clicked and if all the objects are blueprints I only have to use OnClicked to interact with them. But will this affect performance? Would it be better performance with a lot of papersprite objects instead that I somehow interact with from the cursor blueprint? Most of the objects will just be still and dont do anything until they are clicked. A few may be moving or rotating. The blueprints are created form the sprites by “create blueprints using this”

I want to ask the same question about 3d games.

Is there any performance gain in using static meshes instead of blueprints created from this meshes?