Performance: Cutting off fully translucent parts of a mesh


as I know, translucency is expensive. I want to know if it is cheaper to “chop off” parts of a static mesh which are fully translucent, like in this example:

In lit mode both look the same, but in the shader complexity mode there is much less to compute in the right mesh.

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in your case, chopping off parts that are always transparent/translucent defenitley helps with performance, sepecially when you have a lot of those instances in your scene. But normally it is a balance act between saving draw calls by removing tranclucent mesh parts and resulting increased polycount. It alway depends on your scene and the way meshes with tranclucent materials are getting used for. But if you keep both polycount and draw calls in your mind when creating your assets, you will develop a feel for the “sweetspot” between these two aspects.