Perforce workflow?

I’d like to ask how can multiple people work on a same level, I know the basics - the check in/out of assets, but how is the lightmass managed, if for example more people bake the lightmass in the same time on the same level?
Could someone describe the usual workflow when more people have to work on a level.


So I do level design for a group project using perforce, and whenever I make changes, I check out the level file. Other people then could try and make changes, like baking lightmass, but once they go to save their new changes to the level file, they won’t take, because I have it checked out so I’m managing changes. In one way it’s a hindrance because only one person can make changes to the level at a time, but at the same time it’s nice because changes aren’t overlapping or overwriting each other.

Thank you, I understand now.

One more thing, what happens if one of the collaborators add an actor in the level (for example a light or a mesh), how can other people that work on the same level see those changes?