Perfect lightmap with blender?

Hi everyone,

well it’s an often discussed topic and i found many informations about the perfect lightmap, for very simple or square objects like a Cube, specially if you want to use them as a modular mesh. The seams need a perfect lightmap. So I understood a workflow in 3DS Max. Here you calculate the desired UV Grid e.g for 512: = 1 / 512 = 0.0019607843172. So you pick this number and create a grid in UV Unwrap (3DS Max) and snap every vertex to this grid, to get the best shadow result. But I have to use blender at this moment, and i don’t find a similar workflow like this one in 3DS Max. Is there a trick or a good “snap to Grid” function???

Thank you!!!

Hello friend this is a good documentation about the workflow in blender