PerceptionNeuron Unreal4 plugin

Hi ZoltanJr,

With 4.11 p8, as soon as I launch a project containing the plugin, it says that some elements needs to be recompiled and I’m not able to use the plugin, so I’m going to try with 4.10.2, since with 4.10.4 I’m still having issues with installation ( error E-1223 ), even though I installed the missing component which were causing the same installation issues with 4.11…so now 4.11 works, 4.10.4 could not install…

Side question since I think I’m doing something wrong: is there the possibility for you to .zip the files in the download link? the only way I’m able to download everything is to single download each file and creating the folders by myself…not too annoying, but I think there is another way to download everything without doing all this :smiley:

Hope to use this plugin very soon :slight_smile:


I updated the 4.11 version of the plugin yesterday, because the preview update of the 4.11 version did cause some errors.
If there is any problems with the plugin, you can attach a picture to this, I’ll be more aware of what’s going to happen.

This is a SVN server, do you know SVN or GIT? You do not need to download each file individually, instead only need to use the SVN to download the required parts.
You can get Tortoisesvn from here:Downloads · TortoiseSVN

I’m looking for a way to make it easier to download, thank you for your feedback!

I’m not that familiar with SVN or Git, but thanks for the advice :wink:

Can’t wait to test this plugin :slight_smile:

I downloaded the latest 4.11 plugin from your svn Rev. 25 it compiles fine,
and BVH works fine
The Networked version does not.
It connects to the socket and binds to the correct port but cannot find the named avatar.
The exact setup works with the 4.10 plugin. We are using a C++ project to compile.
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Hi Vic Kirazian!

Thank you very much for your feedback!
The 4.11 version has made a lot of changes, so the plugin code has been unable to work properly, which led to this bug.
I have fixed it and submitted it to SVN server. Please download the latest version of the plugin.

Hi all!
In order to facilitate everyone to download the plugin, I added a Dropbox link:

Hi All,

I’ve been messing with the plugin for a few days now and have come across an issue. It appears that the plugin is driving both bone translation and bone orientations in Unreal 4. This is altering our characters proportions (the character joints are being translated to match what is in Axis) and in some cases causing odd deformations (neck sunk into the torso). As an extreme test, I changed the leg proportions of a character in Maya and you can see he returns to normal size when controlled by PN (bones are moving back). The only way I have seen to fix this is to adjust in the Body Size Manager in Axis. Is there a way to disable this in the plugin?


Hi Jaidek,
By default, the plugin will adjustment the model’s height base on the person`s height who is wearing Perception Neuron. It can realize the precise positioning of the position in the VR world.
This is “Displacement” a important feature of AXIS.
If you don’t want to use this feature, you can turn it off in the Settings of AXIS.

Hey Weibo,

That seem to have fixed the issue! Thank you very much!

Hey! I’ve tried using the plugin with 4.11.1, and with BP-only projects it works perfectly, thanks so much for sharing this!

However, I encountered a problem when adding C++ to the project, I get the error that “The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: UE4Editor-PerceptionNeuronRuntime.dll and UE4Editor-PerceptionNeuronEditor.dll”. If I try to rebuild them-it fails; but a full rebuild from inside of Visual Studio succeeds (I suppose it doesn’t try to rebuild the plugins?). Not sure if there is a solution or I’d just have to wait for a newer version of the plugin.


Hi Weibo,

Thanks for the plugin; saved me some time from writing it myself :slight_smile:
Just confirming here, so is it possible for me to wear the suit and directly input my character’s positional data into unreal, like you’ve shown in the GDC demo of yours?

Yes, of course you can.
Link your suit to AXIS and you can do that.

Thank you very much for your feedback! I’m going to find out the reason for this problem, please wait for my good news.

Hi Weibo, Thanks a lot for the plugin. I tried it out and it worked right away with my VR first person character which is fantastic,
but now I’m at the point where I want to make it work with networking and I’m running into a problem.

If i try to launch the game with the editor from command line which i often do to test out my networking setups, it doesn’t work and gives these errors in the log.
I tried it with the demo project you provided, and i get the same errors.

I’m wondering if there is something I can include in the packaging options from my project settings etc that will make it work from the editor, and not having to cook the whole project.

I tried:

cd “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.11\Engine\Binaries\Win64”
start /b UE4Editor.exe “C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Unreal Projects\Demo\Demo.uproject” TestMap?listen -log


Do you get the same thing when you try an external UE4Editor.exe command, and do you see any way around it?
Would really help with using this with networking if we can launch external listen servers/clients.

One other question I have about using this with VR. The accumulated drift seems to become too much too quickly to be usable in VR. I often find myself going back into the axis neuron software and hitting the ‘zero’ button to zero out the drift and reset my character. Would it be possible to include a function we could call from unreal that would run the ‘zero’ button functionality from the axis neuron software?

This button in axis neuron:

I tried installing the plugin as described, but I always get the error that the plugin can’t be loaded and is incompatible with this version.

I’m using the 4.11 Plugin and 4.11.2 Engine

The latest version on the SVN server is R28.
Check if you are using the latest version please.

Hi alltrueist,
The plugin only can receive animation data from Axis, but can not send command to Axis.
Axis did not provide such functionality.

Hi Kassym123,
I add new C++ class into the project and then click Compile button, it build successfully.