PerceptionNeuron Unreal4 plugin

I`m Wei Bo the software engineer of Smartisan VR project.

I have developed the PerceptionNeuronPlugin for the motion capture device Perception Neuron from Noitom(
A few months ago when I tried to go looking for a useable Perception Neuron plugin, I did not find one that could properly and perfectly present the data captured by Perception Neuron, so I decided to develop a Unreal plugin of Perception Neuron.
At present, this plugin has been adopted by Noitom and began to apply in their products. In the upcoming GDC2016 Noitom will use this plugin to showcase the perfect combination between Perception Neuron and Unreal4.

PerceptionNeuronPlugin is develop totally in C++. It has high efficiency and easy operation. It is very convenient to use, you can even do not connect any blueprint or write C++ code to start to use it.


1. BVH asset. You can import a bvh file into Uneal4 now, PerceptionNeuronPlugin will create a uasset use the bvh file. You can use BVH asset to drive the actor and also control the speed of the animation throught BVH asset editor. BVH asset can be packaged into the resource pack automatically when package project.

2. Network. PerceptionNeuronPlugin support UDP protocol for bvh data transmission. Data transmission efficiency is very high.

3. Spawner. You can plant Spawners into the scene and you can also specify the direction of an actor's spawn .

4. Full support for Displacement.You can change the body height in Axis Neuron. The hight of the actor created in scene will be adapted to the actual height of the man who is wearing Perception Neuron.

5. Retargeting. You can drive any model that conforms to T-pose throught the retargeting editor in Animation BP editor.

6. Multiple server. PerceptionNeuronPlugin supports multiple server transmit bvh data to Unreal at the same time and one single server transmit bvh data of multiple roles to Unreal.

7. Cross-platform. PerceptionNeuronPlugin can be release for all platforms which Unreal4 supported.


PerceptionNeuron Unreal4 plugin network demo - YouTube Test demo for network efficiency on Samsung S6.
GDC2016 Perception Neuron Unreal plugin 1 - YouTube GDC2016
GDC2016 Perception Neuron Unreal plugin 2 - YouTube GDC2016

SVN: Username:Everyone Password:123
Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

UnrealEngine 4.9~4.13
Axis Neuron 3.6.32

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or feature requests for this plugin, contact me please:
I would like you to be here for feedback, because your feedback may be helpful to others or you can be able to get timely help from other people.

Thanks Wang Mi the Senior Developer of Epic Games for the technical support.


Hi all!
I’m back.
Since I am very busy recently, the source code of this project has been handed over to Noitom for the future development.
Noitom will release their official version of Perception Neurom Unreal4 plug-in.
They will put a lot of energy to do this. I believe they can do it better than me.
If you have any questions you can contact Noitom technical support:

This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing, I’ll be using it for sure :slight_smile:

Thank you Enter Reality! I hope this was valuable and welcome any feedback.:smiley:

About the Android development: it is possible to package an Android game but still be able to receive streaming data from Perception Neuron Suit to the S6/S7?

Hi ,
I’ve made a video for your question.
I packaged a project to android apk and then install the apk on S6.
I’m using an ordinary home router, you can through the video to see the efficiency of data transmission.

Thank you for updating the UE4 plugin!
BVH files work now; but trying to connect to a Network data source gives the following error:
FUdpSocketBuilder: Failed to create the socket Perception Neuron UDP Network as configured
PerceptionNeuron:Error: Bound to failed.

We are using Axis Neuron v3.5.24.2740 and UE4 v4.11 which is the latest available to download.
In your video tutorial you refer to Axis v3.6.32 to setup the UDP broadcast IP / Port Could you please point us to where we can download that version?
or show how to setup the broadcast IP and Port using the old version.


The UDP function of the Axis Neuron you are using can not work.This is a bug of Axis Neuron.
The new version has been complete, but has not been released now. Just wait a few days please.
Bacause of UDP, you don`t need to specify the IP address, it will be set automatically.

I have showed the multiple servers feature in the video, you can see it again.

Thank you!

I get a new version from the neuron technical support, very simple and easy to use, thank you

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your plugin, very useful for us, the plugin can help us complete the motion capture, realtime data transmission. I believe this will be very popular in future

Are you able to upload an updated demo for 4.10? I can never get the skeletal mesh to work from your current demo, the tracking just does not happen.

Hi ZoltanJr,
I have already checked. The Demo project can run correctly. I also confirmed this to others.
The demo in “Demo” folder is a 4.10 project.
If your project still have problems upload a picture please.

All the people on the Perception forum have not been able to get it to work either.

I am following with your video guide. PerceptionNeuron Unreal4 plugin - YouTube

You set the port to 7002. Then in Axis Neuron you have your broadcast IP set, with the port 7002. PerceptionNeuron Unreal4 plugin - YouTube

In the version of the Axis Neuron that is available on the site the “Calculation” option is locked out as “pro”?? I am also unable to set the port manually on the IP address on the UDP.

I set the avatar name correctly but no character is spawned in the Neuron Spawner and even when I have the avatar blueprint placed directly in the scene it also does not get any animation.

Hi ZoltanJr,
Tell me the version number of your Axis Neuron.

If you are a neuron buyer, you may get a new version of the neuron technical support staff. ------> [EMAIL=“”]

I’m using this new version, everything is normal.

I hope for you a little help!


neuron version.PNG

I am using the most recent version that is on the website. I will contact support and request the updated version. Every person on the Perception Neuron forum has the same problem and can’t get it to work. This is probably why.

Hi 悠走,
Thank you very much for your reply.

The new version works fine now. Not sure why this isn’t available on their site in the first place though.

That’s great!

So got my first person controller working fine with it now. I am trying to get it over to the Gear VR too but on the Perception Neuron Manager it doesn’t allow me to set the IP address now, it’s locked to Do we need another version of this to be able to publish to android and connect up?