per pixel "hiding/removing" a surface based on collision trigger

Currently im working on a environment that will have varying “embedded” ceiling light halogen spots and other details like grates or sprinklers.
Is there a way to dynamically hide or change opacity to 0 in areas that are within a trigger mesh (attached to a blueprint containing one of the light models)
It doesnt need to create some complex watertight boolean mesh since the hole will always be filled with a appropriately sized mesh of a lamp or other wall/ceiling embedded feature.

Normally i would just cut the holes in the ceiling before importing the asset however part of the goal is that the end user/player can place/move these objects wherever they would like them to be.
creating some kind of grid based modular ceiling is something i’m considering, though using this method would complicate the setup of scenes a great deal and also create a lot of lightbake artifact on the ceilings
the objects that would go inside the holes will only need dynamic lighting so im not too worried about lightbake problems for the placeable objects.

I think using a capsule trigger to somehow mark the area would be the first step, though from here i’m not sure where to go: